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Maximize Your Lake Norman Lakehouse

Being in a lake house means being transported to a different world, away from the ordinary. By definition alone, a lake house is built to be charming, relaxing and rejuvenating, but there are small hacks you can apply that can bring increased delight to your property by the water.

Here are just a few ideas:

Optimize your colors.

Keep the theme of stunning nature flowing through your lake house with relevant colors. Experiment with shades and variations: blues capture the sky, greens to represent plants and trees, browns for earth tones, and rustic autumn colors like yellows, golds, reds and oranges for when the leaves fall.

Let the sunshine in.

Raise the shades! Add large picture/plate-glass windows and natural light wherever possible. The more of a complete 180-degree view you can accomplish (windows on all sides of the room), the brighter your living experience can be.

Bring in the outside.

Your lake house is more than likely surrounded by peaceful, beautiful woods. Bring some of it inside: tree bark, driftwood, potted plants and shrubs, dark-stained hardwood floors and plenty of flowers.

Bring out the inside.

Connect your walkways, patios and dog runs with dirt paths to make them easy to access. Line them with nature: potted plants and flower gardens.

Modern it up.

Even if your lake house is rustic and old-fashioned, the use of state-of-the art technical gadgets can invite pleasant surprises and also make life easier. Smart lighting and thermostats, bluetooth speaker sounds and large-screen TVs are welcome high-tech additions to country living. Try an outdoor movie projector for binging under the stars.

Mix it up.

Introduce different styles and trends to keep it kicky and informal. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your wall coverings, furniture textures, countertops, area rugs and lighting fixtures.

Think iron and wood.

These two materials lend themselves to the very definition of “rustic.” As basic as they are, they can look very sophisticated and cool when used on outdoor tables and chairs. Looks great as “no-frills.”

Sync up the imagery.

Your guests won’t forget they’re experiencing the joy of a lake house, but be sure to weave nautical and aquatic decor into your scheme: anchor logos, glass vases filled with seashells, illustrated fish and birds, sea ropes, water skis and main sails hung on the wall, and even navy trunks for storage of extra blankets and pillows.

Add sleeping space.

If you own a lake house, you never know when you are going to have surprise overnight guests. Make sure there are plenty of comfortable, inviting sleeping spaces. Hang cotton curtains to create privacy. You may consider inflatable beds that can be stored away when not needed.

Hang up the family.

As beautiful as your lake house can be, it’s going to be missing something if it’s not made truly yours. Place framed, happy family photos throughout to add to a personalized, joyous, warm atmosphere.

Light it Up!

Mixing up the lighting in your Lake Norman can be the difference between a dreary residence and a warm, properly illuminated lake home. One amazing way to do this is to tie your home lighting into your yard and dock as well, creating a uniform lighting design throughout the property.

You can employ the help of a local electrician or designer to help you with the overall design and installation. If you are handy and capable of handling the updates yourself, you can simply stop by a Charlotte lighting store to pick out your fixtures and employ the help of a friendly Lake Norman neighbor if you need an extra set of hands with the installation!

Bottom line

At your lake house, being outdoors does not mean you have to leave the outdoors outside! Use innovative, creative ways to further define your interior with a little help from Mother Nature.

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