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Growing up in “Bronx” NY to loving parents with visual challenges, taught me strength, courage, honesty, working together, and being sensitive to others and their needs. I moved to NJ from the Bronx and raised my family. In 1989 I started my Real Estate career. My family and their happiness is what fulfills my needs and what brought me to the Lake Norman area in 2006, knowing I wanted to live the quality of life that this area, Lake Norman, our “inland sea,” offers. I then received my Real Estate licenses in both North and South Carolina.

As your Realtor working together as my parents taught me, is what will help me to learn what your needs are and what will help to find a place you can call home, that will bring you lasting memories! As your Advocate, I will hear and listen to you and always have your back! Providing you with a pleasurable, fun, and exciting Real Estate experience is key and my goal! A sense of community and camaraderie made me feel welcomed here as it will for you!

I am happy to service all your Real Estate needs in and around Lake Norman, Charlotte, and bordering towns in South Carolina! Since my reputation is built from your satisfaction, my goal is to provide you with the best possible service! “Bringing Families Home Since 1989!” Won’t You be One of Them!”

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Check Out My Reviews:

We had an excellent experience with Lake Realty and more specifically Marsha Marold. Marsha was in constant contact with us. She offered excellent support and advice about the area, the process, the negotiation, every step of the way all the way through the deal. We have been looking in the area over the past 3 years, and Marsha has been there to answer any questions and offer any help as needed along the way but not pushy in the least. Marsha was certainly looking out for our interests the entire time – not just trying to get a deal done. She has provided valuable information and referrals to help us throughout the process and after having closed on the property. She was absolutely on top of every little detail throughout the entire process can’t say enough how helpful and efficient Marsha was throughout the experience. We would highly recommend Marsha to anyone interested in selling or buying real estate in the area.
– Laurie Hochberg

We couldn’t believe it. We met Marsha from a flyer she brought to our clubhouse. She had out-of-town clients that wanted to move into our neighborhood, and there just wasn’t any homes available so she brought in this flyer. We called her since we wanted to move to a little something bigger. Within 3 weeks, she helped us find a new home, moved in a couple of days before we closed so the buyers could move into our home at the time they needed to. It worked out nicely for us because the person we were buying the home from had a place to go. The wonderful team Marsha works with from the mortgage lender to the closing attorney got it all together in record timing and yet we did not feel rushed. We bought the home we wanted to. So little out there but she helped us find it! Explaining things and calling to make sure we were doing o.k. Enjoying our new home!
– Bill and Ann H.

We used Marsha Marold from Lake Realty as our realtor last year when looking for our very first home. As I’m sure it is with any home-buying experience, there were calm and stressful moments in the process, but Marsha was really great helping us navigate everything and educating us on the process as we went (having never before gone through it ourselves). With her experience in the market, she was able to recommend or find recommendations for everything we would need (financing, legal, contractors for various estimates and work, etc.) and we really couldn’t have been happier with those experiences as well. After some of the home-buying horror stories you hear out there, it was a pleasure working with everyone from start to finish during the process. I highly recommend Marsha and the team at Lake Realty!
– Ross Treiber

We recently moved from the UK with very little knowledge about North Carolina or the house buying process. I feel very fortunate that the day I called Lake Realty from the UK with lots of questions Marsha answered. From helping us to rent, then to buy Marsha could not have been more helpful. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge show from the moment you start talking with her. She was always on hand to offer suggestions, recommendations, and be a friend in a new place offering help and advice on matters that were not even related to her role as a realtor. If you are looking for a realtor where you feel your genuine interests are at the heart of everything they are doing then Marsha Marold is the one! I have recommended Marsha verbally, and it’s a pleasure to write this review.
– Catherine and Alfu Miah

We were relocated by my company 8 months ago. Since our lease is running out, we decided it was time to purchase a house. We were not sure where we wanted to purchase our new home, but because of the market, we had to act quickly. Marsha treated us like her only customer. We were able to see about 15 homes in a matter of weeks before we decided which one to purchase. The negotiations were made easier by Marsha’s expertise. We love our new home and love that we have made a new friend as well. Marsha’s professionalism and caring made all the difference to us!
– Janet Manning

Marsha Marold is great! I am considering retiring to the Charlotte lakes region in the not too distant future. Marsha Marold has continued to send me listings for over a year, and although I haven’t yet convinced my wife to make the move, Marsha has been outstanding in providing enticing information, and listings to me. I have found many of my wife’s dream houses and forwarded them to her. I think she is starting to weaken. Anyway, Marsha has been tireless in assisting me, and if we do move to the area she will be our agent.
– John from NJ.

Marsha Marold was extremely helpful, patient and thorough when working with us to find our 1st home. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Lake Norman area. She knew her stuff and didn’t let us get taken advantage of. If we needed someone to take care of something concerning our loan or closing lawyer, she suggested the right people to help make our home purchasing experience go as smoothly as possible. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done from start to finish to get us in our first home!
– Infield Jen

Talk about meeting the right Realtor.. I did that at our local doggy park! First dogs were friends and as I grew to know Marsha, I knew of her profession as a Realtor and never did she push. Hardly spoke about it unless I brought it up! Before you knew it, I was in my new home and Marsha helped us (my dog and I) get in! She worked around my schedule even towards the closing date since I had some other things going on. She got it worked out for us!
– Brandi & Oliver

Marsha introduced me to my new condo on LKN and I absolutely love it! She was attentive and always there for any questions or concerns I may have had in my first time buying my place. If I didn’t know what to ask or needed more information, she could either tell me or refer me to someone who could help! Thank you Marsha and Lake Norman Realty for being there on one of the most wonderful moments of my life!!!
– Karen Reed

We have been working with Marsha Marold for over a year and I am so thankful that we stopped in at Lake Realty the day we met her. She is friendly, knowledgeable and answers all e-mails and questions fully and promptly. She really takes time with us and we are lucky to have found her. I have since recommended that others contact her and will continue to do so in the future. THANKS Marsha!
– Chris & Jim

I can’t thank Marsha Marold enough for all her help and guidance throughout the process! It was a pleasure to work with you once more. When we decided to move we did not hesitate to ask Marsha to help us out again. Her knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction is never ending. Our transaction with Marsha involved a sale and a purchase, all done within 6 weeks. Thank you!
– Catherine Miah

We just closed on our first home today, and Marsha was the biggest help we could have asked for. She was very professional, courteous and very hard working. She answered every question we had, and took care of everything that we needed. It was such a great experience. I will definitely recommend Marsha to all of our friends and family that are looking for a realtor. Thank you!
– Seth Martin

From working endlessly with us so we could find what we wanted. Not only the type of home but the terms we needed to work with. Then listing our condo and getting an offer within 3 days. You even called when the traffic was backed up knowing I was leaving work.
Marsha, we have dubbed you our Fairy God Mother! We think the world of you. Thanks so much for everything!
– Nicole C. & Erich R

We knew that selling our home in one neighborhood and purchasing another at the same time would be stressful and hectic. Although life is typically that way, doing just that of course added to it however Marsha kept things in check and helped us from getting overwhelmed by keeping it in perspective for us! It all came out as it should. We totally are thankful for her!
– Carolyn S.

Marsha Marold provided excellent service! Our home sold in 1 day and OVER the asking price. Everything went seamless and Marsha took care of everything. She was way ahead of the curve anticipating anything and everything we needed all the way through closing. If you want some one who is a real “go-getter” and a real professional, then Marsha is your girl!
– Susan Houghtaling

We sold our home in just 6 days…so smooth! We did not know what to expect but Marsha took us through every step of the way and helped us with finding our new home. We started the process even way before we put our home on the market. She worked within our time frame. Just so wonderful working together!
– David & Allison S.

Our realtor, Marsha Marold, went above and beyond to help us get the home we wanted. Marsha and The Lake Realty office handled everything in a professional world-class manner and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. Thank you to Marsha and The Lake Realty team for helping us find our Forever Home!
– Chris Garbarino

Even on our way to closing Marsha was answering questions for us. We did close and are happy in our home that we built in the community we are in. We needed to find a home large enough that fit our budget and it was important because we wanted our kids to stay in the same school system they were in.
– Val S.

We could not make up our mind whether to purchase a resale or build. Plus we were relocating between States! Well Marsha teaming with us made us feel like we made the right choices and love our home and the town we chose! We went for it and so glad we did. Great team!
– Jen M and family

We were looking for a vacation home. Not living here and working out all the kinks you would think would be stressful enough. All you need is a good Realtor and Marsha was our super Realtor and just who we needed! We always knew she was there to give us the assistance!
– David and Monica & family

I already referred Marsha to family members and friends! We worked well together. We were not ready to purchase when we first met Marsha but she hung in there until we were. Along the way she answered questions and sent us information we requested. We love it here!
– Karen & Ken B.

I lived cross country and although I have family here and visited before, I only came here one time to look for a home. Did not find it during that trip however I trusted Marsha to be my eyes and ears for me when a property came up that would be for me. It did!
– Suzanne G.

Marsha communicated frequently and we always felt like she had our best interests in mind. She made sure we got a fair deal and helped at every step of the process. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a home in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas.
– Aaron Roer

If it wasn’t for Marsha, we would still be in NJ! Everything kept going wrong on our end. What she kept doing to make sure we would have a smooth transition when we finally got here was unbelievable! She was our guardian Realtor. We thank her so much!
– Evelyn & Howard S.

I can’t believe the info Marsha finds out for us! I have known her for a few years now and not only is she my Realtor but we are friends and I know we can count on her in so many ways! Looking forward to continuing this relationship.
– Mary S.

I had a limited budget and Marsha treated me like I was buying a million dollar home! It did not matter the price to her. It mattered what made me happy and she wanted to make sure it was affordable for me!
– Karen A.

Presently working with Marsha. She has been so amazing through the whole home buying process! We will soon have our first home and so excited! Very happy to have Marsha as our Realtor and now friend!
– Jamie & Ross

Been checking out the area and Marsha keeps us in the loop with area information and homes of interest. We know she is our Realtor when we are ready to make the move! We thank her!
– Susan M

We really wanted someone who was going to hold our hand through the beginning stages of this process and Marsha did just that and beyond! Thank you for all you did for our family!
– Rebecca & Zack K.

Very smooth sale of our home, Marsha was easy to work with. With other things to work through in moving and work-related, everything came together…
Thank you!!
– C & K

Marsha held our trust and confidence and acted as a true professional while adding humorous moments to relax any stress. More than expected in selling our home!
– B. B.