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Lake Norman Lake Level Video

Lake Norman Lake Levels

Lakes all around the country are handled differently in regards to maintaining lake levels. Lake Norman as well as Lake Wylie have dams operated by Duke Energy that control the water levels in these lakes. The lake has target levels as well as minimum and maximum levels that Duke maintains ...
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Lake Norman Boat Slip Videos

Lake Norman Boat Slips: Can you cover them?

There’s no simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to this question. Whether you’re allowed to have or own a covered boat slip will depend on your specific property and boat design. To get started, there are two sets of guidelines that you need to be aware of. The first are the ...
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Lowest Lake Norman Lake Levels

Lowest Lake Norman Lake Levels

If you are thinking about buying a Lake Norman waterfront or listing a Lake Norman waterfront home, you may be wondering, ‘how low does the lake level get?’ You would think this would be easy information to find.  You can easily access the 13 month history on Duke Energy’s website but it ...
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Lake Norman Boat Tour Video

Lake Norman Boat Tour

Today I’m taking you on a video tour of Lake Norman so you can see all that this lake has to offer for its residents. What’s it like to be on Lake Norman? I could tell you about it but why don’t I show you instead? Follow along with me ...
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Slanting Bridge Road

Lake Norman Bridge Heights

We have created a map that shows all the different bridge heights around Lake Norman.  (See Below).  On the southern part of the lake, there are not really any bridges to be concerned about besides the Williamson bridge which is located on the southeast side. The bridge connects you to ...
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Deep Water Measurements on Lake Norman

Lake Norman Deep Water

What is Considered Deep Water on Lake Norman? When looking at Lake Norman Waterfront homes for sale, potential buyers often ask 'what is considered deep water on Lake Norman?' While there is not an official number, if you have at least 10 feet of water at full pond where your ...
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