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Luxury waterfront house at sunset with lush greenery.

Living on the Lake really is a lifestyle all it’s own.

Waking up and seeing the sun shimmer of the water and birds flying over will put a smile on your face. (Well, it does mine!) What I love most about living on the water is the ability to enjoy the lake at the spur of the moment. Jump in your kayak, float, jet ski or boat and enjoy. You can get on the water when you want and return home when your ready. Boating to dinner never gets old.

Waterfront Properties

Discover your ideal spot by the lake with our assistance. We have been dedicated to the intricacies of lakefront properties since 1991, offering valuable insights into the process of purchasing a waterfront home on Lake Norman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Live on Lake Norman

One of the first questions people usually ask is ‘How much does it cost to live on Lake Norman’. Well there are a lot of variables that make answering this question a little challenging. Important factors that determine the prices of homes for sale on Lake Norman include:

  • Where on Lake Norman is the property?
  • What type of view of Lake Norman does the property have?
  • How much waterfront does the property have?
  • What is the age and size of the home?
  • Where on the scale from ‘Move In Ready’ to ‘Fixer Upper’ does the property fall?

It’s difficult to isolate each factor to determine how much each one of these variables influences the value of a property as they all work together to derive the price. But let’s take a look generally at how each factor contributes to cost.

Where on Lake Norman is the Property?

Holding all other variable constant, homes on the south east side of Lake Norman are most costly. Homes and Condos in the cites of Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville are more expensive than other parts of Lake Norman because of the amenities offered in the area and the close proximity to Charlotte. There are numerous dining, shopping and night life opportunities around and it’s a straight shot from these cities down I-77 to Charlotte.

What type of views of Lake Norman does the property have?

Properties with main channel, long range views are going to bring a premium. You also have large cove views, small cove views, sunset views and sunrise views. Other elements also come into play like bridges, power lines and surrounding properties.

How much waterfront does the property have?

You will often hear people say that you need a minimum of 100 ft. of waterfront to have a pier. This is true for lots subdivided and recorded after September 1st, 2006. If subdivided before September 1, 2006 then there are few nuances that come into play. If you have at least 75′ of shoreline then you can have 10 square feet of pier for every linear foot of ‘develop-able shoreline’.   For example, if a lot has 80 feet of shoreline and was subdivided and recorded before the September 1, 2006 the you would be allowed to have a maximum of 800 sq.ft. of pier (assuming there are no other issues preventing a pier). If the lot was subdivided and recorded before June 1, 1996 then you are allowed 10 sq.ft. per linear foot of shoreline even if you don’t have the minimum 75 ft of shoreline. Generally, speaking in terms of value, having more waterfront is beneficial because it gives you a little more ‘space’ which helps protect your views.

What is the age and size of the home?

This seems pretty straight forward but it’s one of those variables that you have to consider in pricing. You may find a waterfront property with good views, water & location but it’s smaller and older than you prefer. For example, there a lot of lake houses on Lake Norman that are 2 bedrooms and around 1,400 sq.ft. This property may be prefect for a weekend spot but too small for everyday living. As you limit the number of potential buyers, you impact the overall market value.

Where on the scale from ‘Move In Ready’ to ‘Fixer Upper’ does the property fall?

Everyone has a different comfort level towards the amount of projects they want to manage or come out of pocket to fix up/update. The waterfont properties where someone has already come in and done the heavy lifting will understandably cost you more to buy. However, this does provide an opportunity for thoses that are willing to take on a remodel a get some ‘sweat equity’ out of the home.

Deeded Boat Slips & Lake Access Communities

If you want to enjoy the lake there are several options besides buying a Lake Norman Waterfront Home. There are homes that come with a deeded boat slip that you can walk or drive to. Another option is a Lake Access Community. Many neighborhoods have lake access with a boat ramp and some provide boat storage within the neighborhood itself.

What is the entry price point for a Lake Norman Waterfront Homes?

The entry price point will vary depending on where you are on the Lake Norman but generally speaking the entry price point for a home with decent water and lot starts around $500,000. Under that price point, you will typically find homes with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Older style ‘lake houses’, ‘fixer uppers’, cottages/cabins or manufactured homes.
  • The water may be limited.
  • Lots may be steep or small.
  • Location may very rural.

For many, finding a Lake Norman Waterfront Cabin or a ‘fixer upper’ is just what they had in mind.